VIN: 215093
Engine: 1600 SC
Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
Mileage: 84,744
Color: Silver
Interior: Black
The six 356 SC/GTs were all ordered by a Northern California dealer, SC coupes fully outfitted at the Porsche factory with GT options. One of them was recently sold by a well-known California Porsche dealer for close to $400,000. A second one just went into a major 60-car Porsche collection as a bookend on 356 GT models. Because only six of them were ever built, the scarcity of SC/GTs breeds high values. Our car is a perfect recreation of the $400,000 car, complete to the silver paint over black interior color combination. The car features correct aluminum panels on both doors, the engine lid, and the hood. The panels were hand made by the well known English craftsman, Mark Barton. All the windows, excluding only the windshield of course, are correct plexiglass, and the rear side windows open as on all SC/GTs (but not earlier GTs). The car has the rare and desirable 80-liter gas tank and a factory roll bar kit was installed. All the instruments are restored. The full leather interior is brand new, from Autos International, is expertly installed, and it features excellent GT seats. All the trim is either new or completely restored original. The car has a GT exhaust/muffler and a stock SC engine as per original. The engine has been completely rebuilt with new pistons and cylinders, a new camshaft, totally refurbished heads, rebuilt Solexes, new bearings and gaskets – of course, all over a very desirable standard:standard crankshaft. The floors and longitudinals are incredibly solid and the body is very sound with fresh, very even, two-stage paint. For a 60% discount versus an original, you can own this fine road warrior 356 SC/GT coupe, amaze and astound your friends and 356 Registry or Porsche Club aficionados, and enjoy superlative 356 performance with a power-to-weight ratio seldom seen in 356s . . . and never at this price point. P107
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