1964 Porsche 356 Custom Outlaw

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VIN: 219644
Mileage: 0
Color: Black
Interior: Black
This car had its roof removed and then took a full 3" chop to Speedster height. There is an exaggerated sweeping sail panel, as well as a rear window sweep. The engine is a magnesium-cased 2.2 6 cylinder 911 engine fitted with a 901 5 spd transmission. This car has been equuipped with a high performance exhaust, Solex S cams, MSD ignition,a custom 8 qt baffled oil tank and a 40 mm Weber carbs. The transmission has been upgraded including AFMSX gears, 911 short ratio shifter and boasts a cruising speed of approximately 70 mph@3000 rpm. The car has upgraded disk brakes with special racing pad, fitted with a 911 dual master cylinder, 911 rear trailing arms and heavy duty torsion tube with transmission mounts. The height of the car has been lowered for maximum handling and the electrical system has been changed to support a 12 volt system with auto meter gauges. P139
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