Our Team

Gerard Moringiello
In a career of over 35 years Gerard Moringiello has been a main dealer service senior technician and a new car tester and project car builder for Popular Mechanics. He opened a restoration shop specializing in Jaguars and other English sports cars 25 years ago and after beginning to vintage race with HSR in 1995 widened his focus by moving into the restoration, brokerage and sales of fine and exotic sports and GT cars. Moving into a special concentration in Porsches, especially the 356 in all its forms and in particular the masterpiece 4-cam Carrera, the establishment of Vintage Auto Restorations has brought all of Gerard’s considerable talents together.

Seamus Nolan
A native of Ireland, Seamus served his apprenticeship there and received his City & Guilds of London Certification in 1983. In addition to training and proficiency maintaining and repairing fine cars from Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Rolls-Royce, Seamus has had 30 years of extensive experience in motorsport. He has worked doing race preparation for entries in the SCCA Pro Series and Can-Am as well as vintage Trans-Am and Grand Prix, honing his talent and proving his work in the most demanding situations. If Seamus could be depended upon to make sure Gulf Mirages, 911 RSRs, Shelby GT350s, Ford GT40s and F1 McLarens, Williams and Brabhams performed in competition when their drivers’ life literally depended on it, you can be sure he will ensure your Porsche is as dependable as you want it to be.

Robert Rathe
Robert has been captivated by Porsches, both vintage and contemporary, for more than three decades, driving, racing and collecting the iconoclastic cars. Robert joined with Gerard in 2005 to create Vintage Auto Collectibles to provide the highest level of preservation and service for Porsche 356’s, 911’s and other sports and collectible autos. His non-automotive career has focused on all types of 3-dimensional communications with an emphasis on original one of a kind design, which perfectly explains his obsession with brilliantly designed sports cars. Robert’s collection includes numerous Porsches ranging from a 1955 speedster through 1959 Carrera GT to a 2011 Speedster.

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